*Cold Beverage Nutritional Information calculated as served, with 1/3 ice by volume.
**Sodium Values may vary depending on water contribution from where beverages are dispensed or brewed.

The information contained in this guide is based on standard U.S. product formulations and discloses the 8 principal allergens identified by the FDA, and comes from reports from our suppliers or from “as served” testing by accredited laboratories. For complete ingredient information, refer to the “Ingredients” pdf on our website. Variations may occur due to a variety of factors and circumstances including, but not limited to, differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions, product assembly and seasonal variances. Product participation may vary by location and test products are not included. The information in this guide is reported for informational purposes only. We (including our franchisees, and our and their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers and vendors) are not responsible for sensitivity or allergy to any food product or ingredient provided by or in our restaurants. We do not have an allergen free cooking environment in our kitchens. All products are prepared in the same kitchen area. Anyone with any food sensitivities, allergies, special dietary needs or specific dietary inquiries or concerns should consult a medical professional of his/her own selection regarding the suitability of our food products and/or ingredients, and should regularly review the information contained at our website for content updates. This information is current as of February 16,2017. We update this information from time to time to reflect changes in our products. If you have any questions about our menu and/or ingredients, please contact us at: (877)799-STAR (7827).